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Updated August 19th, 2010

Posting Rules. You must comply with the following rules when posting an Ad:

1. Your item that you are posting must be posted under one category. It may not be posted more than once. ( *NOTE: If your SERVICE is applicable to more than one SERVICE category, you may post ONE (1) ad in each applicable SERVICE category. This exception applies ONLY to the SERVICE category. )

2. Description. The title you select for your Ad must be concise and limited to the specific goods or services offered for barter or trade. You may not list multiple brands, makes, models or locations in the title of your Ad as a means to generate unwarranted search results.

3. Content. All Ads must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content, as determined by Author in its discretion. Ads for adult goods or services are prohibited. All Ads must be for goods or services that are permitted under Utah law. You are responsible for the content of your Ad.
4. Job Postings. There is no employment job postings on this barter site. Author will remove any and all employment ads. If this happens repeatedly with one specific member, they will be banned by the Author to this site.

5. Reposting. You must wait at least 6 weeks before reposting an Ad for the same or substantially similar goods or services. The Author will automatically remove the ad/post after 6 weeks.

6. Number of Ads. Individuals may not post more than ten (10) Ads on the Site at any time. Except as authorized by Operator in writing on a case-by-case basis, businesses (defined as any entity that regularly offers goods or services for sale, regardless of whether operating from a store, a home or online) are likewise limited to ten (10) Ads on the Site at any time.

7. Service Ads. Ads for services must be placed in a service category. If your Ad does not offer a specific item for a specific price, it is likely a service and must be placed in a service category.

8. Free Category. Ads placed in the Free category on the Site must be for goods or services that do not require a commitment or obligation of any type. Goods or services that are provided after sign-up or on completion of a task are not free and should not be placed in the Free category.

9. No businesses of any kind may post ads on this site. If they are emailed to Author, it will not be posted on the site and an email will be sent back letting business know.

10. Contact Information. A email address and phone number are required for Authors of site. Phone number is optional for listing in the actual post.

11. Posting pictures. Posting pictures is recommended.

12. Posting options. You can post specific products or services you would desire to complete the trade. This will not be a requirement but just an added feature.

13. Every comment made by a possible Trader is what we call a "offer" to give to the Owner of the item. The Owner will then review the offers made and inform the winner of the trade. All offers must be made with a correct email.

14. Please remember that Swapping in 801 is just an avenue or outlet for people to bargain their products. We are not responsible for any wrong doing outside assisting in posting the ad for trade. This website is just another way to get your unwanted items traded for the things you may need!