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How It Works

This website is for people in Utah that have unwanted items and are looking to trade with others for the things they could need. As being a mother there has been SO many times that I have bought the most adorable shoes for my daughter and after wearing them ONE time, they were too small for her to wear. Or how many times have you bought a bulk item at Costco, yet you would never use that much? So this is a bartering website - just a way to get your unwanted items traded out for the things you CAN use and enjoy.

  • Anyone that is interested in posting an ad for the unwanted item is called the Owner.

  • All posts will be for the owners desiring to trade their product. At this time there will not be any posts made for the items people desire or want. This maybe coming at a later date.

  • The person interested in the featured product that has a proposition is called a Trader. 

  • If you are interested in the item being posted or featured, just leave a comment with the "offer" of the trade and always leave a working email address.

  • The Owner will then keep an eye on all the offers and email the Trader that meets her desire for the trade.

  • We will keep all ads up for 6 weeks and after that it will then be removed.

In order to post an ad, you will need to complete the form at the top of this page that says "Post an Ad". Once this has been done, the Author will then go ahead and post the ad on the website and will then notify the Owner that the ad has been officially posted.

Remember Swapping In 801 is not responsible of the details of the trade. After the ad has been posted, it is completely up to the Owner and the Trader of the actual transaction.