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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mint Sports Cards

Full name: timothy

Phone number: (801)-7594435

E-mail: hardcastleremod@hotmail.com

City (location of item): south jordan

Category: General

Title of item being traded: mint sports cards

Condition: mint

Full description: I have a collection of baseball, basketball, hockey, football, nascar, golf, and gaming cards. I have singles and sets. I am starting my first ad by letting you tell me who you like and what amount of a collection or set you are interested in. I will start making up sets to put on as time permits me after work. Most of my cards are from 1998-2002. I have numbered rookies, game used cards, sig, sets, thousands of hard to find subsets. Let me know what you are looking for. I will put a few example pics of my cards. dale sr., rare jordans, and k. bryant. All my cards are in mint condition and make great christmas gifts. I send them all in top loaders.

Items you are interested for trade (optional): I am looking for anything that I can use or one of my 6 kids, 3 grandkids, and a grandson due in 4 months. let me know what you have. You never know it may be what I need. My favorits list. spring bar tent, dvd's, old ipods I can download my media books onto to listen at work on. metal detector. sports items.

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